CPS COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Open by Appointment Only. Preps Underway for XXB1.5. Fall Vaccine Campaign

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), COVID-19 Clinic, would like to remind the general public that the COVID-19 vaccine is only administered by appointment at the CPS Offices at the Vineyard Building Office Park in Philipsburg.
CPS made this change in May 2023. The COVID-19 Clinic operates by means of an appointment on Thursday to administer the COVID-19 Pfizer Bivalent booster vaccines for persons aged 12 and older. The booster is entirely free of charge and voluntary.
The public can call or email to make an appointment via 914 or 542-1570 or vaccination@sintmaartengov.org
Please bring your vaccination card and a form of Identification (ID) when you have an appointment.

CPS is looking forward to joining the Netherlands in kicking off the 2023 fall campaign during the flu season. CPS will have available the Pfizer Comirnaty XBB.1.5 vaccine that protects against the latest strains of COVID-19. There will be additional announcements about the COVID-19 fall vaccination campaign.
CPS is requesting all to wear a mask while inside the clinic and if they are experiencing flu like or respiratory symptoms; to continuously wash your hands regularly and consult your physician if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms.
In addition, remember to make use of the vaccination opportunity schedule your appointment to get your COVID-19 vaccine.
Remember COVID-19 vaccines continue to help protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 disease.

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