Government of Sint Maarten signs Covenant with CCSUSecures increase in income/benefits for all Civil Servants

Government of Sint Maarten is pleased to share a breakthrough in the ongoing talks between the Union Negotiation Team (UNT) and the Government Negotiation Team (GNT). A crucial agreement was reached between the Ministry of General Affairs and the Committee of Civil Servants Unions (CCSU), marking considerable progress in achieving a mutual understanding where it pertains to employee benefits.

Key Agreements:

After some 10 years, a principal agreement was made regarding the indexation of civil servants’
salaries. Starting in 2024:
A. The government will apply a 2% indexation per year with a 2.5 % increase in 2026 to usher in this
as structured disbursement plan. To show the government’s commitment to these agreements.
B. The government will apply a 1% lump sum payment to all civil servants in December 2023.

Civil Servants will see a 1% increase in vacation allowance, reaching 7% in 2024 and further rising
to 8% in 2025.


Jubilees will begin at 15 years of service, with subsequent celebrations every five years. Between 25
and 45 years, a full month’s salary along with a day off is granted, culminating in a jubilee equivalent
to two full months’ salaries plus a day off for 45 years of service.

Amendments to Articles 3 and 8 will finally address the main complaints of civil servants, namely
the application of introductory scales have been reduced to one year with a maximum duration of
two years instead of 4 years. The rationale behind introductory scales was clarified, emphasizing the
provision affords candidates the opportunity to prove their capabilities within a two-year period.
Article 8 now allows internal candidates to negotiate their salary in the applicable scale after having
been selected following recruitment procedures.

An additional amendment ensures an avenue for civil servants transitioning from a contract to
permanent employment to negotiate their salaries within the applicable scale(s), fostering a more
dynamic and adaptable employment structure.

Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit demonstrated
throughout this negotiation process and believes that these agreements will contribute positively to
the Civil Service. The GNT, which included civil servants from the Ministry of General Affairs and
the Ministry of Finance, worked tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs, charged with personnel affairs, Silveria Jacobs
commended the commitment to transparent and fair discussions and lauded the improved
collaborative partnership created between government and unions, which resulted in a consensus that
aligns with the best interests of the civil servants.
Prime Minister looks forward to the implementation of these agreements for the benefit of the Civil
Service and the country at large.

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