H.U.H.C.F. Spotlights Adult Literacy on International Literacy Day

The importance of adult literacy skills is taking center stage on International Literacy Day. Local non-profit organization Hearts United Holistic Care Foundation (H.U.H.C.F.) utilized the day to highlight its Adult Literacy Program. This program was launched in June 2022 to improve reading, writing and comprehension among adults in need across the island.
The Project coordinator is Mr. Early Charlamagne who is also the trainer of the C.H.R.I.S.T Second Chance program, which is another project of H.U.H.C.F. initiatives, funded by the St. Maarten Development Fund (SMDF), uplifting marginalized persons through Hospitality education, training and mentorship.
Mr. Charlemagne recognized a pressing need to address illiteracy within the adult community specifically. While literacy efforts often target youth, many older generations on St. Maarten struggle with limited literacy abilities.
Illiteracy severely restricts opportunities for adults to be self-sufficient. By providing the literacy skills they lacked earlier in life, H.U.H.C.F. empowers them to fully take part in society.
In just one year, H.U.H.C.F. Adult Literacy classes have served around 25+ adults. Students have exhibited remarkable progress in reading, writing, history and culture of St. Maarten. Basic computer knowledge, Social Studies, Budgeting skills is also being taught. Many hope to continue their education with GEDs or vocational programs.
The Adult Literacy program is funded by Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR), a VNG International project backed by the World Bank. H.U.H.C.F. offers free classes three days a week to improve adults’ literacy skills.
Literacy is often presumed for adults, but many here lack these competencies. On Literacy Day, H.U.H.C.F. aims to reshape mindsets about who needs literacy assistance. Our classes show that reading, writing and comprehension can be learned at any age.
While H.U.H.C.F. takes a holistic community approach, its adult literacy initiative holds particular meaning – proving it’s never too late for anyone to learn.
In recognition of Adult Literacy Day, H.U.H.C.F. gives special thanks to all students enrolled in our program. Special thanks to our teachers Ms. Anansa Payne and Mr. Shawn Philander for their role as teachers. Extra Special thank you to R4CR for entrusting us with this project with your financial support that is allowing us to assist our students. Upgrading basic English and life skills empowers adults on St. Maarten. The foundation took some time to celebrate the day with a treat to the students and teachers.
Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with two (2) sessions 5-7pm and 7-9pm. Persons interested in registering for the program can contact us in person at our location at E.C. Richardson Street #3 Philipsburg or call 1 721 523 0901 / 523 8460 / 523 2170, via email:
heartsunitedcare2020@gmail.com or our Facebook page Hearts United Holistic Care Foundation.
International Literacy Day is an international observance, celebrated each year on 8 September, that was declared by UNESCO on 26 October 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference. It was celebrated for the first time in 1967. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

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