Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson Explores Collaborative Initiatives with ORV Police Academy During Visit to Curacao

The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson, accompanied by Acting Secretary General Ms. Florence Marlin and Human Resources Consultant Mrs. Grace Marlin-Blijden, embarked on a significant visit to the ORV Police Academy in Curacao. The purpose of the visit was to establish collaborations that aim to replicate the success of ORV’s accredited institution on Sint Maarten, ultimately leading to the establishment of the Law Enforcement Institute of Sint Maarten (LEIS).
ORV Police Academy, a distinguished accredited institution under the Ministry of Justice’s umbrella, served as a beacon of inspiration during the visit. The delegation discussed the potential for a parallel institution, LEIS, on Sint Maarten. While ORV primarily focuses on training and courses for police personnel, the vision for LEIS extends to encompass all personnel within the Ministry of Justice.
During the discussions, Minister Richardson explored the viability of launching an online pilot program for Ministry of Justice personnel. This innovative program seeks to involve both frontline and administrative staff, with the collaborative assistance of ORV, to facilitate the establishment of LEIS.
The envisioned LEIS would emulate the ORV model, encompassing essential elements such as a dedicated physical facility, an approved curriculum, and certified instructors. The current starting level at ORV is SBO 3, and the Ministry of Justice will determine the optimal level that aligns with its needs for LEIS. An Onderlinge Regeling stipulates the minimum MBO 3 level for police officers, ensuring a strong foundation for the establishment of LEIS.
To formalize this partnership, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) will be signed between the Ministry of Justice and ORV, providing flexibility to accommodate additional agreements as discussions progress. The collaboration will initiate with an online integrity program, involving all Ministry personnel, to lay the groundwork for LEIS.
During the visit, the delegation also engaged with the University of Curacao (UoC), which offers a diverse array of courses across multiple faculties. UoC showcased its capacity to tailor courses that align with the Ministry’s requirements, offering courses in both Dutch and English to meet language needs. The potential for instructors to undergo training and certification was also explored, with UoC offering to assist in course design and outlining.
The Minister expressed her intent to work toward a signed MOU for future collaborations with UoC, solidifying the partnership and underscoring the commitment to enhancing law enforcement education and training across Sint Maarten.
As Sint Maarten embarks on this transformative journey to establish the Law Enforcement Institute of Sint Maarten, the collaborative efforts with ORV and UoC stand as testament to the commitment to excellence and professional development within the Ministry of Justice.

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