Successful FRCM-Project to Train Trainers Crisis Management Trainers Equipped to Safeguard St Maarten

The Ministry of General Affairs recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of the Training of Trainers course of the Fostering Resilient Crisis Management Project (FRCM-Project). The FRCM-Project is facilitated by RESEMBID, and funded by the European Union, was an intensive training aimed at assembling and educating a group of competent crisis management trainers. These trainers will now play a crucial role in delivering crisis management trainings, workshops, and information sessions to internal as well as external parties in St. Maarten.
One of the FRCM-Project’s primary objectives was to enhance the crisis management capabilities on the island by equipping trainers with the necessary knowledge, experience, competencies, and behaviors. Recognizing the importance of continuous growth, the project placed great emphasis on the trainers’ enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and commitment to personal development through learning, contribution, experimentation, coaching, and training.
Over the course of the FRCM-Project, trainers dedicated approximately 10-15 half-day sessions to their training responsibilities. This time been allocated to conducting five training sessions focused on their respective areas of expertise and participating in live trainings to exercise and receive coaching in delivering effective trainings. These practical sessions, which encompassed function-specific trainings and decision-making exercises, offered valuable on-the-job learning experiences and opportunities to enhance didactical skills through feedback provided by the project’s professional trainer. Trainers also devoted time to (self-)educating themselves on the fundamental principles and
procedures of crisis management, tailored to their individual knowledge and experience levels.
A comprehensive profile was developed to guide the selection of trainers for the FRCM-Project. The ideal candidates possessed basic knowledge of crisis management processes and principles, familiarity with the crisis management structure and standard operating procedures, and a grasp of didactic principles.
The completion of this training showcased the commitment of the FRCM-Project to fortify crisis management capabilities in St Maarten. With the newly trained crisis management trainers ready to contribute their knowledge and skills, the project has been well-positioned to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of crisis management trainings.

“I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to all those who have been awarded certificates for their participation in the FRCM-project. This initiative has been instrumental in assembling and educating a group of trainers who possessed the skills and knowledge necessary to provide crisis management trainings, workshops, and information sessions. This is for our entire crisis organization and other interested parties on our beautiful island,” said Prime Minister Jacobs.
About the FRCM-Project
Project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at strengthening crisis management in St Maarten. By assembling and educating a group of highly skilled trainers, the project aims to enhance the crisis management organization’s capabilities and ensure the preparedness of individuals and organizations in effectively responding to crises. The project is committed to continuous improvement and fostering a culture of learning and development among crisis management professionals.

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