Team Saba impressed at Cross Channel Swim

Team Saba took part in the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim on March 26 with 11 persons.
Team member Jochem Batstra placed third in his age category.
Together with a team of 10 supporters, the Saba Team didn’t go unnoticed at the event organized by
Winston Crooke. The 11 Saba swimmers, together with the other participants, took to the water for the
4.1K swim from Nevis towards Reggae Beach on St. Kitts.
Batstra of Team Saba arrived as number 3 in his age category with a time of 1:19:23. The swim was a
“terrific experience,” said Batstra, who regularly organizes running events on Saba. “The waves
continuously came behind from the right side, while the current pulled us towards that same direction.
That made navigating very confusing,” he said.
Batstra said it was “fantastic” to represent Saba at the event with such a large team, including the
enthusiastic group of supporters whose input was very valuable. “We are looking forward to the next
challenge,” he said. This was the first time that Saba was represented by a team of this size. In total, 173
persons participated in the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim.

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