The Ministry of Justice attended Sunday prayer services at The Methodist church

The Ministry of Justice attended Sunday prayer services at The Methodist church in Philipsburg today in
anticipation of Justice Day, which will be observed tomorrow, Monday, July 17th, 2023. The service was
attended by His Excellency Governor Ajamu Baly, the Honorable Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs, the
Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson, the Acting Secretary General Ms. Florence Marlin, management
and staff of the Ministry of Justice.
During the service, Reverend Javed N. Intiaz delivered a powerful sermon emphasizing the importance
of following God’s commandments and living a Christ like life both within and outside the workplace.
Mrs. Henriette Doran-York, representing the Ministry of Justice, delivered an epistle reading from
Romans 8, verses 1 through 11.
The service was attended by representatives from all agencies and departments within the Ministry of
Justice, including the Staff Bureau, the Prison and Miss Lalie Center, Court of Guardianship, Police
Department, Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, The Probation Department, Financial Investigation Unit, the
Prosecution Service, Immigration and Border Protections Services, and the Executive Protection Unit.
Minister Richardson addressed the congregation, expressing gratitude for the warm welcome and
extending appreciation on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. She referred to Psalm 34:17-18 NIV,
highlighting the comforting message that the Lord hears the cries of the righteous and delivers them
from their troubles. Minister Richardson acknowledged the Justice Chain and commended their
unwavering commitment to serving the people of St. Maarten and visitors.
She also acknowledged the congregation’s prayers, words of encouragement, and unwavering support
throughout the years, emphasizing the value of including the Justice Chain in their prayers for
protection, wisdom, and guidance. Minister Richardson stressed the power of prayer and requested a
collective prayer for the Law Enforcement Officers and their families, asking for divine protection,
wisdom, and grace in their duties.
The Minister expressed gratitude to the administrative staff for their invaluable support and asked for
God’s guidance and protection for them in all aspects of their work and personal lives. She concluded by
reciting Titus 3:1-2 NIV, emphasizing the importance of being obedient, peaceable, considerate, and
gentle toward everyone.
Justice Week celebrations will continue tomorrow with a parade through Philipsburg. The parade will
commence from the Government building at 9:00 and proceed along Soualiga Road, Salt Pickers
roundabout, D. A. Peterson Street, Gevangenis Steeg, Backstreet, School Steeg, Front Street, Hendriks
Straat, Gevangenis Steeg, D. A. Peterson Street, Salt Pickers Roundabout, Soualiga Road, and end at the
Government Building. The public is invited to witness the procession and join in the celebration.

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