URSM says Election Day on Thursday: A Decision Worthy of Reconsideration

“As citizens eagerly anticipate participating in the democratic process, concerns have arisen regarding the timing of Election Day, scheduled for a Thursday. While the intent to facilitate voter engagement and accessibility is evident, citizens are voicing their reservations about this particular choice. In light of these concerns, a reconsideration of the decision is being called for by the URSM,” said the Board of the Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement.
Traditionally, Election Day has been observed on Fridays for many elections held prior. That was selected to maximize voter turnout by providing ample opportunity for individuals to cast their votes, regardless of their work schedules or other commitments. The decision to hold the election on a Thursday, however, presents several noteworthy drawbacks that warrant consideration such as work and school conflicts, Reduced Accessibility, and a possible impact on turnout.
“With the often late receiving of results of several polling stations utilized by some schools, would facilities be timely prepared for the following day?, the board of URSM questioned.
“Considering these concerns, we are proponents of an alternative election day that a shift to a Friday could overcome these challenges and promote a more vibrant democratic process. Such a change could foster possible broader citizen engagement, enhance accessibility, and facilitate a more accurate representation of the electorate’s voice,” concluded the URSM Board.

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