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Voting Bureau approves reports polling stations

The Voting Bureau Public Entity Saba came together on Thursday morning to check the reports(‘processen verbaal’) of the two polling stations ahead of the publication of the election results. TheVoting Bureau found no discrepancies in the reports and subsequently approved them.Acting Island Governor Amelia Nicholson, as Chairperson of the Voting Bureau Public Entity Saba,opened the meeting at 11:00am. Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, as Chairman of the Main VotingBureau, handed over the reports of The Bottom and Windwardside polling stations. There were tworeports per polling station: one for the Island Council elections and one for the election of an ElectoralCollege for the First Chamber.Nicholson and Voting Bureau members Karlijn Verblakt, Bridgette Hassell and Wim Schellingerhoutindividually reviewed the reports. After it was determined that there were no discrepancies, thechairperson and the members signed the documents. Present to witness the procedure were the twointernational, independent election observers of the Organization of American States (OAS).Thursday’s meeting was public and was livestreamed via the Public Entity Saba Facebook page. Thatsame day, the election results, along with the reports of the polling station, were published on thewebsite of the Public Entity Saba. The documents are available for public viewing at the GovernmentAdministration Building.Voter turnoutSaba’s Island Council elections on Wednesday, March 15 had a voter turnout of 83.64% with 1,040persons casting their vote of the in total 1,259 eligible voters. The turnout this time was lower than inthe previous Island Council elections on March 20, 2019 when the voter turnout was 92.12% and thenumber of eligible voters was 1,078.The election results confirmed that 617 of the 1,040 valid votes went to the Windward Islands People’sMovement (WIPM), representing 59.33% of the votes. The WIPM obtained three seats. Elected asprovisional Island Council members for the WIPM were: Bruce Zagers (191 personal votes), RolandoWilson (84 personal votes) and Eviton Heyliger (122 personal votes).The new Party for Progress, Equality and Prosperity (PEP) received 324 votes in total (31.15%) andobtained two seats. Saskia Matthew (137 personal votes) and Hemmie van Xanten (26 personal votes)were elected as provisional Island Council members. The blank list of Dave Levenstone, list 4, received95 votes and as such did not obtain a seat. The new Saba Caring People Party of Enrico “Cuchie” Klaberreceived 4 votes.

Electoral CollegeOn Thursday, the results of the election of the Electoral College were also announced. A total of 496votes were cast, of which the majority, 177 or 35.69%, went to WIPM Leader Bruce Zagers. The voterturnout for the Electoral College elections was 59.3%. Saba has five seats in the Electoral College whichhas as its sole purpose to vote for the First Chamber. Only the WIPM candidates were on the list for theElectoral College elections.The Main Voting Bureau will have its final meeting to definitely determine the election results next weekThursday, March 23. The new Island Council is scheduled to be sworn in on Wednesday, March 29.

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